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Crust Cloud is a suite of featured products, tools and APIs to help build Web3.0 experiences, especially in decentralized data storage and data retrieval, in a user-friendly and developer-friendly way.

Crust Cloud stores data on IPFS, the most widely adopted distributed file storage system in Web3. Moreover, Crust Cloud leverage Crust Network, the native incentive layer of IPFS, to guarantee truly decentralized storage on IPFS with multi replicas and various durations.

A Web3 Cloud Service Initiative

Crust Cloud defines what a Web3 cloud storage should be like:

  • Data storage should be decentralized, trustless, immutable and guaranteed.
  • Easily access with web3-style auth; no more usernames/passwords.
  • User rights/benefits are totally owned and controlled by the user.
  • Service and usage should be standardized, easily quantifiable & verifiable.
  • Offers developer-friendly, web3-native workflow.
  • Offers closed-loop Store+Retrieve services, both provided and guaranteed by decentralized protocols/networks.
  • All the data stored can be accessed by any third-party IPFS nodes/gateways.

Crust Cloud Products

Crust Cloud is a consolidation of several products, tools and APIs that help Dapps and Web3 builders to better take advantage of the current decentralized storage infrastructures. Products include:

  • W3Bucket (W3BKT NFT): W3BKT NFTs are transferrable tokenized storage buckets in various sizes and types from Crust Cloud's decentralized cloud storage service.
  • W3Auth: W3Auth is secure, customizable NFT-gated auth system that can be applied with most of the Crust Cloud services, i.e. W3Bucket, W3Gateway.
  • W3Gateway: W3Gateways are IPFS gateways that can be customized for user demands.
  • IPFS Storage Toolkits: Crust Cloud provides toolkits to better serve developers and users based on IPFS and Crust Network.
    • IPFS Scan: IPFS Scan is a handy tool for scanning replicas on IPFS with given file CIDs.
    • W3Editor: W3Editor is designed for easily updating your markdown files to IPFS.